New Fields


GRN-2. Greensborough's older pitch.

Mentone hopefully finished by xmas

Altona and Casey in the same boat hopefully having the work done ready for start of season

Essendon 2018 (again?)

PH looking at new pitch Feb 16?

Frankstons ground is done

Brumbies have secured a builder for its $3.3million dollar pavilion development.


  • HockeyTragic

    @Admin1 said:
    GRN-2. Greensborough's older pitch.

    I heard that the contractor didn't quite get the penalty spot right...if you win a stroke out at Burra this year try to make sure you aren't a foot further away than you should be!

  • WhoReallyCares
    SE Suburbs

    @Admin1 said:

    Mentone hopefully finished by xmas

    Sandpit should be ready late March - heard they have swapped Round 1 games with Yarra as the Yarra pitch wont be ready by 1st April

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