2020 Coaches


It's about this time each year that we start up this thread...

Lachie Anderson announced at CHC Mens
Oscar Wookie playing coach at Essendon

HV currently advertising up for;
PEGS Hockey Club, EOI for Women’s VL1, VL1R & Men’s VL1R
Casey Hockey Club, Women’s First Coach
Yarra Valley Hockey Club, Women & Men’s PL, PLR, Pennant & Metro level Coaches
Greensborough Hockey Club, Women’s Premier League Coach
Greater Dandenong Warriors Hockey Club, Vic League 1 Men’s Assistant Coach
Knox Hockey Club, Women’s Vic League 1 Head Coach

What are the latest rumours and movements?


  • Grizzly

    TEM MPL definitely on the scout for a new coach. If the rumblings are true, a Pollard may end up coaching at Auburn Road.

    Knox Men may also be joining their women looking for a new coach.

  • Grizzly

    Altona MPL looking for a coach.

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