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There's a memo going into HV for distribution but heads up to visiting players and fans - the construction work at Matlock is due to start in the next month. We'll have portable change rooms and loos at the north end of the ground but will have limited parking, shelter and canteen services - basically cold drinks and BBQ for PL fixtures.

A bit of pain this season but outcome will be a really great facility for players and spectators.


  • TRNAdmin

    Thanks for the heads up @stevep, how is the design looking?

    Will it take it to the best facility in Victoria?

  • stevep

    We hope so. It's been a long negotiated process to get to this stage and the club is investing quite a bit to get some facilities over and above the regular council schedule.

    You can see details and floor plans on the council's site here.

    Downstairs there'll be four change rooms with a large gym, physio room and recovery with proper ice baths and the infamous hot spa. Upstairs there'll be a commercial kitchen, public loos and a large public space and viewing deck. The surrounds are also getting landscaped and we replaced the ground lights over summer.

    Self contained and much larger facilities for players downstairs and a huge improvement in comfort upstairs for our parents, fans and visitors.

    Scheduled completion is Feb next year.

  • TRNAdmin

    Wow, certainly looks like it, incredible facility.

  • hv_apologist

    Looks fantastic, good luck with everything going to plan over the next year time line wise.

  • spectator

    Visitors to Matlock will notice big changes. Huge areas fenced off, temporary buildings, generators going to keep the pitch lights on etc etc. What this means is that for the rest of the season the eastern side of the ground will not be available for viewing except for Premier League days - and even that will have its limitations. The viewing area is at the northern end of the ground and you will need to squeeze in between the temporary accommodation. There is good seating at the city side of the northern end of the ground. Like all good things short term pain is required for long term gain!
    Demolition starts tomorrow.

  • hvmember
    Camberwell have posted some progress photos here:
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